The companies "Anshak", managed by Mr. Antranik Shakarian and "Panov – Vama", managed by Mr. Veselin Panov were found in 1991. The companies have achieved the following successful results:

1991 – first contract with Varna Municipality regarding the city transport. By means of this contract the first private buses were allowed in the city transport branch.

1993 – the companies win two new lines in a tender

1994 – uniting “Anshak” and “Panov – Vama” companies into Transtriumf AV Ltd.

1995 – Transtriumf AV Ltd. already avails of a plot of about 25 000 m2, where the establishment of a modern infrastructure was launched, including parking places for more than 120 buses, service station, petrol station, warehouse areas, office and subsidiary premises.

1997 – The company turns into Transtriumf - AV Holding Ltd. and has shares in 16 branch companies. The company is in service of more than 32 % of the city lines in Varna.

2000 – the plot of 25 000 m2 was expanded with another 3 000 m2 and now the base of the Company takes up 28 000 m2.

2001 – the beginning of the development of modern information systems for public transport. This year the Company was certified as per standard ISO 9002.

2002 – establishment of an international line. Development of advertising and information program for city transport.

2003 - The company turns into Transtriumf Holding Inc and has started trade with tires.

2007 -The company is in service of more than 54 % of the city lines in Varna and in the regional transport.

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